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Independence Celebration

Far too many of us have given our lives over to the control of others. Mainstream media, social media, employers, unions, colleagues, not to mention well meaning friends and family. At this midyear juncture, it is time to declare independence from those who reach our ears and then ultimately our thoughts to take control of what would be a beautiful life.

I used to be a teacher in the public schools and I have really begun seeing what is taking place all over society and even in our schools. Truth be told, I never really did know whether I was effective at my job. Truly, those who are effective should be able to see it in their compensation and not on an annual eval.

There is a way to ethically be compensated for the good work of being a teacher and a coach. It means changing the fundamental belief that where there are winners that there have to be losers as well. I am not talking about participation trophies here…I am speaking of reality.

Today, what I teach pays really well and the students get paid as they learn. Sounds crazy? It’s not. Join me at one of my brief sessions over ZOOM. Better yet, subscribe and don’t miss out.

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Happy Independence Year.

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