Viral Cocoon

What is a Viral Cocoon?

In the early days of the virus, we were told about how it spread. We now know that we have to cover our mouth and nose and place a sufficient distance between ourselves and our neighbor. We must also avoid enclosed spaces where the airflow is forced so as to pick up “spray” from other individuals. If we still get infected, the infection hits the home environment where we let our guard down. Now it moves from our little node out to the world again where we once thought it was safe and so the cycle continues.

The math is kind of frightening but also quite instructive. We have been told that contact tracing will be less effective if we get an average duplication rate of over 1.2. That doesn’t seem like a lot but it really is. As a matter of fact, instead of focusing on the negative associated with that detail, if we focus on the positive, we can and should solve our own economic problems associated with the shutdown.

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