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Moving from the east coast to the west coast in 2017 made me think of how the United States expanded. The idea of explorers and bravely trekking across the continent to discover new lands and make new lives fascinated me. Like many things, the government got involved and expansion became a policy with the rallying cry of Manifest Destiny. This quasi-religious theme that declared the Americans as destined to conquer the entire continent is now coming home to roost as indigenous peoples are crying with increasing support to have their rightful place in this land.

Although the word was used to justify a great wrong in the eyes of many today, the actual phrase has real value. Nothing we have or may even dream to have could exist without first being conceived and then moved upon to create. The manifestations of others have almost created a trap for us in modern times as we come to believe in the rules of the past as our guiding lights for the future.

In this new year, I make it my job to manifest greatness in the way it was intended. Great wealth comes from giving and my giving will be boundless this year. For too long, wealth has been accumulated on the backs of individuals by keeping them in chains. If not actual chains of slavery, then the chains of tradition, socially accepted norms and familial expectations.

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During the pandemic I became aware of the tools that are available to keep business and education going so that we are not paralyzed in our forward progress. Still, I feel that we have missed the greatest lesson that should have been learned. No longer are we limited to our own geography or defined by our own employers to learn and implement the new skills that will help a multitude and then ultimately help ourselves.

It starts with an idea. Then education. Then mentorship. Then ongoing support.

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Happy New Year.

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