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Another Year in the Cocoon

Another year in the Viral Cocoon and where are we now? What have we worked on to make ourselves better? Where are the weaknesses that still exist? Will we emerge better or worse or will we have wasted the time that has been given to us to really become something better?

The real answer to this question is not going to be so easy. The thing that really needs to be worked on here is our way of thinking and for that we have to acknowledge that we have no idea how our brain works. It is the seat of intelligence, but also emotion. This is the reason that this website is identified by a simple sketch of a head with very little detail. It’s time to look at it.

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The picture is of a face that has no gender, no age, no indication of a body and no IQ score. Even though there is a minimal amount of hair…we only see real detail in the eyes. It is detailed because the focus needs to be on vision…not what we see in front of our faces but the true vision that comes from deep thought and the avoidance of the noise that comes from the outside.

Regardless of your use of senses, everything in our orbit comes from our thought processes. Will we lead or be led? Will we create value or be used up? It really is our choice! Many of the things that are happening in our lives now seem to be happening to us when they are really happening through us.

This site is all about dealing with the vision. The impact of one individual can be astounding provided they have that vision and the energy to put it into action. People can truly manifest much more than they currently believe that their lives offer them. The power of we can be harnessed right here and right now inside our very own Viral Cocoon.

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