Challenged to follow the facts…am I committing treason?

I do know that in an exchange that followed, I felt that I was being accused of treason because I didn’t follow the facts.

Ah Facebook, the place where we share…probably far too much…and lose far more…

An old acquaintance from my school days posted a question that prompted a rather curt response from my brother.  My brother and his friend were older than me, so I always accorded them the respect that the additional 365 days or so they spent alive may have earned them.  Particularly in the area of history and politics as they seemed to know far more than me when we played RISK in my basement.  Those 365 days shouldn’t really make a difference now, yet somehow…I don’t know.  I do know that in an exchange that followed, I felt that I was being accused of treason because I didn’t follow the facts.  I will respond here by reprinting the post that has me concerned…but will conceal the name.

So are the people from your “hick town” unintelligent?
If they are “chirping” about things they don’t understand, is that your understanding, or do you have facts to support your statement.
He is a legitimately elected president, whether or not you are conservative or liberal. If you don’t like it, get over it. Undermining his presidency is treason.
I didn’t engage in attempts to delegitimize Obama’s presidency(despite the fact that I identified as a Democrat for many years) I supported it. Maybe “Hope and Change” was real. Obviously it wasn’t. The midterms proved that and the constitution mitigated his misguided presidency.
The American people have now chosen a deferent path and the deep state is working overtime to destroy the will of the people.
There WAS Russian collusion, Hillary. If you are so open minded, why do you disregard the hard facts?
The Russian investigation IS PARTISAN because they refuse to investigate the facts.
There is collusion and criminal acts that were committed to delegitimize a constitutionally elected president. FISA courts were lied to. The FBI and Justice department was weaponized to take down a president that the American people elected. That’s deep state.
The CIA has been smart enough to stay out of the line of fire

Well, the persons who get together at my Dunkin Donuts I believe don’t have the intelligence of the person who wrote this post…and that was my point.

I was cautioned that the Justice Department isn’t following the facts.  I researched a few.

  • In 1972 the American people legitimately elected a president.  His campaign was charged with physically breaking into its opponents headquarters.  Then, President Nixon was charged with a coverup.  He resigned in disgrace as Impeachment proceedings became imminent.
  • In 1996, the American people legitimately elected a president.  He was charged with sexual harassment from his time in Arkansas.  He was further charged with having a secret sexual relationship with an intern.  There was a special counsel, Kenneth Starr who investigated.  Impeachment proceedings started and he survived because it takes 2/3 majority to remove a sitting president.
  • In 2016, the American people legitimately elected a president.  During his presidential run, he was accused of sexual misconduct also by multiple persons.  His campaign was also accused of paying off a porn star.  His campaign is also being investigated for possible collusion with Russian election interference where the evidence for such interference is very strong.  His own hand picked Attorney General recused himself in the investigation and ultimately it led to the selection of special counsel, Robert Mueller.  Now he is investigating both sexual misconduct, infidelity, and campaign collusion with a foreign government.  In a campaign rally, he asked Russia publicly to release stolen emails.  He lied about a meeting at Trump Tower to meet with Russians for the purpose of getting dirt on Hillary Clinton.  These are facts that no longer seem to be in dispute.

I am an American, so according to the First Amendment, I am allowed to speak my views.  I don’t think that I am undermining the president’s leadership…certainly not by my lonesome.  Perhaps this statement has to do with those individuals who have or had a security clearance.  I don’t know.  I never had one.  The author also posts that he didn’t attempt to delegitimize Obama’s presidency no matter how misguided it was…according to the midterms.  The fact that it was misguided is certainly not a fact, but an opinion…I am being accused of ignoring the facts…or the Justice department is…I can’t be sure.

Regarding the statement that The American People have chosen a different path, all I can say is that I am an American, and I didn’t choose this path.  As a matter of fact, more American people voted for his opponent.  I did discover a new word in my research…Gerrymandering.  This is the process of redrawing voting districts to purposely favor a candidate or party and has been done by the Republican Party.  Also, when I researched Deep State, its use in America seems to be associated almost exclusively with this election and in most of my research, it has been defined as a conspiracy theory.

Also, there was Russian collusion by Hillary.  My research on that seems to have gotten me to the Trump Dossier which has been attributed to a bloke named Steele who is a British national.  There is evidence that it was originally paid for by Hillary Clinton and was hidden from the public because foreign countries are not permitted to be engaged in influencing and election.  It is true, this is against the law and had she prevailed, her legitimacy as president should be equally questioned.  This is certainly far from Russian collusion though as the intent was to uncover possible Russian ties to her opponent.  Britain, after all is an ally.  Seems a little more worthwhile, but I certainly will give you that one.

Regarding the FISA warrants and investigating American Citizens, so much was redacted that it is hard to tell what really happened.  Here, I guess, the old security clearance thing may be the issue, or it may be part of an ongoing investigation.  After all, Mueller isn’t finished yet.  While there may be some things that were done wrong by Mueller’s team, most of it falls into a human weakness category and I don’t think it had much to do with the real investigation.  These facts are hidden for now and may not be available to anyone without clearance until they are declassified.    Hidden facts aside, here are a few I do know.

On May 15, 2017 president Trump revealed highly classified information to Russian officials…even during an investigation of Russian collusion without telling American allies.

On June 12, 2018, president Trump praised Kim Jong Un after unilaterally agreeing to cease military drills with our South Korean Allies and openly muses about having blind loyalty like the reputed murdering dictator for North Korea.

On July 16, 2018, president Trump praises Vladimir Putin from the podium at a post summit press conference and the man who says has been tougher on Russia than anyone, takes him at his word that there was no collusion.

It’s interesting that a person that I used to admire playing RISK would miss the danger in the blind loyalty to a man who cozies up to totalitarian regimes that seek to destabilize freedom and democracy all over the world.  Since the tone of the post above seems to be short on facts and explanation and long on feelings and opinion, I welcome a dialog here in my blog.  I don’t need to air my feelings on Facebook with people who don’t value civil discourse, particularly between people called friends.

I am right here.

2 thoughts on “Challenged to follow the facts…am I committing treason?”

  1. Mike, you misunderstood my point. I wasn’t saying YOU are guilty of treason. You are engaged in political debate. That is not treason. It is a necessary function of our patriotism and our republic.
    The people who are guilty of treason are the public servants that perverted their roles in our government by using their knowledge and experience in the legal and judicial system to weaponize it in an attempt to undermine and unseat a legal political candidate and subsequently, a duly elected president.
    These men and women took an oath to uphold and protect the constitution of the United States, not the Bush-Clinton oligarchy that has had its grip on this country for the last 30 years. Remember, the CIA is a Bush institution beginning way back when George HW Bush was its director in the seventies.
    Brennan, Comey, McCabe, Ohr, Strzock and Yates all took this oath and violated it in an attempt to foment a coup to unseat the president. That is treason.
    Brennan has stated publicly that Trump is guilty of treason for meeting with Putin. Does anybody really think that the President should be put to death for meeting with Putin?

    Two other things.

    1.). Your brother once said. “ The first amendment guarantees your right to free speech, it doesn’t guarantee that you won’t be fired, ostracized or arrested for what you say.” Brilliant.

    2.). It pisses me off until today that I could never beat you at “Risk”.

    1. I was never allowed to play Risk long enough to win. Jerry and Scott colluded to make my existence on the international stage impossible. I didn’t have the benefit of media and public sympathy to make a difference. Sad.

      Your points regarding the Bush-Clinton family are shared by me but their existence is from a cause in my opinion that is far more cynical than I like to be and that is that in a free country, a well informed electorate is crucial in a democratic republic…and we don’t have one. My experience is in education and the idea that we as a country require so little in civics and social studies and history is that the government wants people to be kept uninformed. IF the electorate were more informed, and I don’t mean by partisan leaning news organizations on both sides, then we wouldn’t be faced with candidates who lead with insults instead of good policy. Policy has to be more than, “she lied about the emails” or some other despicable comment that does nothing but inflame passions. We should also not elect a person simply because they are a female, but the passions that are currently being aroused are on this side. I fear that this type of politics will continue and we will once again be left with the person with the biggest mouth.

      I liked Obama for everything but his stand on education. I am in education and I think it is flawed from the word go. My cousin, like you is in the medical field and closed down a practice and worked in a prison because she could do actual medicine with far less hassle and red tape than working in the ever more complicated insurance system. At this point, I don’t have any passionate reasons for liking Obama short of saying that the office of the president was one where the leader of the free world took his job seriously and truly gave it his full attention. I was embarrassed by Clinton and his womanizing and that put America in a very poor light on the world stage. Likewise, I believe that Bush manipulated his intelligence officials to rush into the Iraq war because he believed his father should never have left Saddam in power. Here I believe America lost the high road. Obama never led the US into war, but had to manage wars and conflicts that he inherited. I don’t know if it could have been managed better and perhaps a better secretary of state could have been selected, but he never was accused of campaign cheating, collusion, or womanizing. Furthermore, he released his taxes and used and managed social media responsibly, and yes, bin Laden was captured and killed on his watch.

      As for me, I detest being pigeonholed as a conservative or liberal. I delete all solicitations for money and I am extremely careful not to share extremist viewpoints on both sides. I follow back all sponsored posts to their organization and try to expose where the “idea” that is being shared is coming from. The simple ones let their passions get away from them and give the media terrorists their victory…a divided America. It’s ok to have divergent opinions, but those who seek to gain their political advantage by directing insults at Americans as part of their campaign will surely not be able to function on the International stage. It is playing out now and it makes me long for the days of the past where you at least knew what America stands for. Now, nobody is sure.

      Let’s keep the conversation going.

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