Morning Mood

Warm Winter Mornig

A couple of days ago, it rained.  Over my life in New Jersey, particularly in the last 10 years, rain affected my days in negative ways.  I had a love affair with bicycling to work everyday.  Rain was my enemy.  I now have the freedom to bike everyday, or so I thought.

Just one day of rain is unusual here in the desert.  Recently, it rained two days in a row.  The slow, consistent rain accumulated to about 1/2 inch overall.  It also allowed for much more in the nearby mountains.  That rain fell as snow.  

While I hate the idea that I had to suspend my biking to work for the last several days, I am thrilled that I was able to ride this morning for enjoyment.  I was wearing shorts at 9:30 AM and delighting in the fact that I can see the snow covered mountains, but I don’t have to deal with the snow that affected my commute in New Jersey.

Like most people who are transplants from other parts of the country, I make a big deal about this climate.  The people who live here all year round are oblivious to awesome this daily experience.  I hope that I never lose my appreciation for where I am living and how lucky I am to live right here, right now.

Mount San Jacinto