Let’s Be Essential

If you’re struggling with being “essential” and you love teamwork and you’ve suddenly got a lot of time on your hands…join me for some lively discussion on how we can help each other through this difficult time of quarantine.

Meetings will not be held on Sundays.

Essential MeetingsEast CentralWest
Meeting ID: 752 5695 7335
Password: 025734
Meeting ID: 799 9014 0669
Password: 021178
Meeting ID: 776 2527 2370
Password: 004178
Meetings using ZOOM. Latest software client upgrade is being used. Security measures in place.

Together, we can talk about our situations. Separation is hard but we can still connect…thank God…and we can still make a difference. One good thing about this “quarantine” is that no matter how far away you are…you’re as close to me as my next door neighbor.

Additionally, if you have elementary school kids, I am reading aloud the book The Hundred and One Dalmatians. I am doing one chapter at a time on my school district YouTube Channel. Here is the first chapter. The others will appear as I get to them and read them from different locations. Subscribe to the channel and be notified of new chapters. My brother used to read this book to me when we were young. As a substitute teacher for elementary kids, I know that they enjoy being read to. I am also enjoying the process.

Reading Chapter 1 of The Hundred and One Dalmations

Please share this Story Time opportunity with anyone who you know with kids. Some of the conversations are related to the play that was going to be performed by the students in my wife’s elementary school classes. Everyone should be able to relate.

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