Viral Cocoon

If a caterpillar goes into a cocoon for a time and emerges as a butterfly, why is it that we are complaining about this viral cocoon that we have been given. Is it possible that it is only a frame of mind? Maybe. It’s time to put our heads together and find out.

Pop into one of our lively discussions and we will find out how we can help each other to not just survive…but to thrive. Watch your meeting times and make sure you select the appropriate link. These meetings are six days a week and there are no meetings on Sundays.

Cocoon MeetingsEastCentralMountainWest
Meeting ID: 752 5695 7335
Passcode: 025734
Meeting ID: 799 9014 0669
Password: 021178
Meeting ID: 776 2527 2370
Password: 004178
Meetings using ZOOM. Latest software client upgrade is being used. Security measures in place.
My Theme Song for these “difficult times”.

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