Losing My Widgets

It has been a fun year to be a sports fan in Philadelphia, particularly a fan of the two big sports playing in south Philadelphia. Alas, I have moved from home and now I must be very creative to get to watch my favorite team. I love wearing my Phillies red to Dodger games and Giant games and Padre games and a little less for Diamondback games…because the Phillies don’t do particularly well in Arizona.

Just the same…it was nice to see the teams doing so well this year. In addition to subscribing to MLB.TV, I have been displaying with some degree of pride the current standings on my website by taking the appropriate divisions and displaying them for all to see. (Well, mostly me to see). Now, I noticed a little extra printing from the website feeding my information for my beloved teams. It will all come to an end on January 1. Happy New Year to me, I guess.

I will accept this slap in my face if, somehow, we can democratize how we show out of market games to fans who have moved in the NFL. I don’t want to get the stupid streaming service for just this need. Alas, getting the Eagles games in La Quinta, CA is like getting a Wiper Fluid Cap for a 2015 Jeep Renegade. (Yes, this is a plea to try and get one of these too.)

If anyone knows another streaming service other than Baseball Reference dot com, or Pro Football Reference dot com…I would really appreciate it. You can just comment here with the answer as well as a place that I can get an actual cap for my Washer Bottle so I can stop splashing fluid uselessly off the road.

To all who read this…I send you the best wishes for a prosperous New Year.

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