Creative Spirit

At no time in history has a person had the ability to take their own talents and interests and been able to take those talents to the world at little or no cost.  Also, at no time before has the current educational and social climate stood in the way of creativity and innovation when it is just those characteristics that have brought us to this very moment.   Standardization and conformity are the mantras of the educational pundits and they all insist on college educations without first identifying interests, talents, and viability of a career, occupation or business.

This site seeks to develop the creative spirit that lies in each person and explores ways to strengthen the creative muscle in every person.  No one should ever deny their own skills in creative realm before considering the fact that since they have entered school, almost every activity has been constructed to allow for minimal innovation and maximum conformity for the express purpose of evaluation on a predefined standard.

Creation is not just limited to arts but should be defined as manifesting through desire, strategy and action something that wasn’t there before.  This transcends arts and goes to science, engineering and business. Additionally, creativity thrives through cooperation and shared visions that utilize individual talents that increase the impact of the idea and expedites the process from its initial concept to a powerful product, service or movement.

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