Fingerless Gloves-Large


Fingerless Gloves for the stylish person who wants warmth and access to fingers.

Available on backorder


These wonderful fingerless gloves keep your hands warm and your wrists cozy while allowing you to perform tasks that you need to do with your fingers unencumbered like typing on your computer if your house is cold, texting while walking if you choose to participate in this unsafe behavior and it will keep the wind from blowing up your arms when you choose to wear one of those formal jackets without a cuff out to dinner or in this case to the grocery store to pick up something quick to eat.

These gloves are amazingly warm but since they don’t have any fingers, I have convinced Karen to offer them for sale.  For a limited time, we are taking 50 cents off for every finger that is missing.  This magnanimous gesture will end with the new year.  Hurry and get your fingerless gloves knitted with love by Karen and Noodle.

Created during the COVID lockdown by Karen McCausland while she watched hour after hour of programs on TV mostly of the binge variety.  Karen, who is blessed with the ability to multi task while having a dog on her lap has created a series of items that are all but useless in our Palm Springs climate for about 50 weeks out of the year.

Karen and Noodle
Karen and her knitting assistant who helps her concentrate on her immediate environment.

Anything ordered after 12/17 will probably not get there until Christmas…but New Years is a definite possibility.


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