A Whole New Me

So what about creativity??? There is no better message to convey to the world than the one where you are reminded that you create your reality everyday. It’s up to you. I learned that with my health. It goes like this. I wanted ice cream. My wife wanted a cookbook. We went to the bookstore. She went for a diet. I went for ice cream. On the aisle on the way to the ice cream shop in the mall, I ran across a display with books written by a particular doctor. I had seen a couple videos on the Internet. I was intrigued. I bought the book, read it and gave it a chance…really gave it a chance and now…I am a whole new me.

Creation takes time. I know it. So…having never given anything a chance that it should have…I finally decided to run the program. It helps that it was written by a doctor. It helps that he has a practice right here in the Coachella Valley where I live. I still haven’t seen him. I have run the program. Here is where I started.

I began in chronic pain from the knee. I had both blood clots in my leg and torn cartilage in my knees. I know that is what I have. I didn’t even need to get a diagnosis. I did go to the doctor in June of 2018 so that I could get a real doctor in my California home. He ran a bunch of baseline tests. He didn’t show extreme concern since the hospital already had me on blood thinners from the most recent DVT.

I ignored my condition for about a year and then in May of 2019, I began the program based on The Plant Paradox. It is a book by Dr. Steven Gundry. It has been 149 days. I went for a followup series of blood tests. And my eyes are opened.

Chol/HDL Ratio4.993.9
VLDL CHol4112
Non HDL187153
LDL Calc146141
LDL/HDL Ratio32.7

So these numbers are my “so far” numbers. The other aspects include a weight loss of 30 pounds, the reduction in joint pain in my knees and shoulder. All this with no medication, in fact even a reduction in medication for my blood thinner. The cost was about $14 for a Kindle book and the ability to read and follow a plan.

In my next post, I will discuss my recent visit to a medical practice that is promoting Stem Cell therapy. It will be an eye opener.

My Shit Doesn’t Stink

I have lost over 14 pounds in 30 days. This is faster than what I thought was an aggressive weight loss program with counting calories.

I know that this is usually a comment made in the second person or the third person, but for years I’ve been acutely aware of the opposite. Well, since I have begun a new eating program, I can actually say with confidence that my shit doesn’t stink. It really doesn’t and it doesn’t stick either. I have found the exercise in use of toilet paper is just that…an exercise.

On May 13, I started a program that is based on a book that I bought called The Plant Paradox. This book was written by a Cardiologist named Dr. Steven Gundry. He described his life as a heart surgeon as somewhat frustrating. He was 70 pounds overweight and telling his patients that they were unhealthy and they had to do something about their health. This prompted his own journey of discovery and now leads me to mine.

I used be able to manage my weight by simple calorie counting and exercise. This no longer worked for me and in spite of anything I tried, I couldn’t get the weight off. This program finally explained my situation by identifying my current situation and documenting symptoms that I was experiencing. I made the decision to go on the program and I committed to giving it the time necessary to make a difference. That is 6 weeks. Well, it has been a month and not 6 weeks and I can say without a doubt that there is evidence that what he says is true.

I have lost over 14 pounds in 30 days. This is faster than what I thought was an aggressive weight loss program with counting calories. I was thinking that 2 pounds a week was a little aggressive. My results are about 3 pounds a week and it is not slowing down. I haven’t really changed my exercise routine. Other changes that the doctor said would take place in my digestive tract included less bloating, easier time in the bathroom and the fact that the toilet paper would be clean. He never mentioned about the smell going away. That is part of my evidence of cleaning up my act.

I will definitely finish up the 6 weeks and then go beyond. At the 6 week time, I will make an appointment with my primary care doctor and see if I can get off my blood thinning medication. Also, I will make an appointment with Dr. Steven Gundry who is local to my new home in Palm Springs. This will confirm the good news about my new choices.