New Laptop

For years, I have been using computers that conform to software that was necessary for my job.  I used to connect to musical instruments that only had midi or serial connections.  It is for this reason that I still…to this day…have a computer running Windows 98se.  Now, that I am retired, I have decided to upgrade all of my computers to the latest OS.  I now have Windows 10 on my desktop, my useless free tablet from Royal Carribean, and now…my new laptop.  Which begs the questions…what the hell is up with the shift key?

On the left hand side of the keyboard, the shift key is full sized.  On the right hand side is a short version that sits all the way to the right.  Now, I am constantly hitting the upward arrow key which, depending on what you are writing in, can send you to the previous line or the previous field.  It is for this reason that this post has taken so long to write.  My wife says that I should return it, but I think that I will get used to it…soon.  She has a mac which would mean that we would look at this keyboard snafu as a feature and not a problem.  (I have seen Mac keyboards like this.)  Macs also cost well over $1000 and I got this one for $450 and that includes the tax.

I have to say that this post has taken me a little longer because it was done on my new laptop.  I guess it is the price we pay for progress.  Now, I have to determine the software that I will include on this new system.