Do Unto Others

When I returned to California and I tried to resume my normal bicycling routine, I found that it was difficult to do the long rides up the mountain. It was colder and I was getting up later and later and there was a little more daylight. I started seeing more things of interest. One day, I rode past an iPhone just sitting in the bicycle lane. It was undamaged. Later that week, along the same area, I found a phone directory complete with websites and passwords. Finally, a month later, I was on a morning bike ride and I found a wallet complete with cash and an id.

I found a way to return all of these items to their rightful owners. I did it, knowing the panic that I would have been experiencing if I had lost these same items. I felt pretty good about what I did, but since one of the items were tossed from a stolen car, it reminded me that there are still evil opportunists out there and we must be careful.

I took a long bike ride the other day. I wanted to pick up donuts at the local Krispey Kreme. That is a short ride of 11 miles and I also wanted to go to a sporting goods store. When I go with shopping in mind, I clip on my trusty panier bags to the rear rack of my bicycle. After my last purchase, I turned for home. A 45 minute ride. When I arrived at home, I realized that one of my trusty paniers was missing. It was then that I felt that panic that I referenced.

Inside that bag was my wallet, my iPhone, my Bose Wireless Headphones and my action camera and charger. Actually, my whole life was now missing. I grabbed my Android phone and my wife and my car keys and headed out the door. Fortunately, I had a a tracker in my wallet and it was linked to my Android phone. I knew where my bag had fallen off of my bike and it was 8 miles away. I also know the bump that I hit. It was a stressful ride but that bag sat on the corner of the sidewalk untouched for over an hour.

When I settled down, I started thinking. No cash was taken from my wallet. My biggest concern is that there are a lot of homeless people who scavenge for whatever they can on the sides of the road. Nothing was touched. The phone, the earbuds, the charging case all had value and could be sold. I still have them. I feel relieved. I also feel that maybe I was being rewarded for my selfless actions from the previous weeks. Maybe…but maybe it was a wakeup call.

I recommend the trackers for your wallets. I also had my location available on my iPhone and if we thought of that, my wife could have tracked my iPhone as well, but at that time, I wasn’t aware that my iPhone was also in that bag. Furthermore, I will keep my wallet and small valuables in a string bag attached to my back instead of paniers which do have a tendency to detach when the road gets really rough. After some thought and reflection…I will keep my eye out for opportunities.

Missed Opportunity

One day before this happened, I was biking in Indio to another donut shop. (I have a problem with donuts). Well, when I left, I rode past a Starbucks where a girl sat tearing through a newspaper. She was clearly messed up and the newspaper littered the entire stoop. Concerned employees came out and chased her off. When I rode past she was hiding her face behind the paper and peaked over the top and said hello. I just rode on. I can’t help feeling that I missed an opportunity to improve someone’s life or outlook with just a cup of coffee or breakfast or anything. My near loss and my concern that a person in need might take something of mine has really gotten me to rethink that situation. Next time, when the opportunity presents itself, I will make the effort.

Tracking Trackers

When you buy a device that is advertised as a must have tracking device, one of the most concerning developments is surely the loss of tracking on the actual delivery of the device. I have been a Tile customer for years. I am forever losing my keys or my wallet. In particular, I have a problem seeing things in my bag, my black bag. So, with the Tile Slim, I can keep it in my wallet and know that I have my wallet just by checking my phone.

The problem that I have with the Tile trackers is that their batteries are running dead and they were not able to be replace. Now, their newer products have replaceable batteries, but I am not sure how accessible the battery compartment is or whether it could fall out. Still, I have a Tile on 3 key rings and one in my wallet. Now, several are in need of replacement.

I knew that I had should have ordered these Tiles sooner because of the issues with deliveries on Christmas. Still, since it wasn’t necessary for me to get these replacements immediately, I waited until I had the funding and then I ordered them on December 20, 2018. I am including the year here because we are in 2019 and I don’t have my deliveries.

Now the Tile company utilizes multiple delivery service to service their customers. What I don’t understand is why they do what they do. My order was shipped and registered with a USPS tracking number but was then dropped of into DHL. So the first tracking site that you get is the DHL service and this is from a direct link from the Tile company’s email. The first time I checked it was on 12/26 when I was told that it would be delivered on 12/28.

I didn’t check it again until it didn’t arrive on 12/28 at which point I saw that it was “tendered” to the local delivery service also known as the USPS. When I went to the USPS site, the package was not listed as received. Now the real adventure begins…Tile Customer Service. Tile utilizes so much automation that they actually got several complaints from me and then sent me a customer satisfaction survey on the device that I never received. Also, they have no phone number on their website that can get a human being and their waiting time for their chat is over an hour. If I don’t have enough time to look for my keys, how am I going to give them time to just answer my text question?

After several emails and refused evaluations of the products that I never got, they sent another one…or so they say. This one was coming by way of UPS. Meanwhile, my original order ended up in Melbourne, Florida. It was last located in Compton, California which is a lot closer to my Palm Springs location. Now, the replacement is said to be in Ontario, California and that is the location of an airport with USP planes. It said that I should have my Tiles will be here by the end of the day tomorrow. We shall see.

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