Winter Blues

My worry now is that it will go immediately from cold to blistering heat.

When the cold weather happens in the northern states in the Winter, you can expect that there would be a degree of melancholy. When that same weather happens in typically warm areas, you definitely can get the blues.

My first winter in California began last year at the end of the Super Bowl when my beloved Eagles won their first Super Bowl championship. I returned immediately to southern California from southern New Jersey. The mornings were cold but the temperature regularly hit 70 and sometimes even 80. This year, we have not had 80 degrees since before Thanksgiving.

I suppose that it is unfair to complain but, this is not why I wanted to move to the California desert. My worry now is that it will go immediately from cold to blistering heat. That would be very depressing. One could hope.

And we are here with Mike…

So, when you watch the same news broadcast day in and day out, you get to feel like the people on the TV are like family.  Any why not?  They are in my living room almost as much as me.  I talk back to them a lot.  So, when they decided to go on location to the Wawa in nearby Galaway Township, I had to go and see them.

I began by talking to the traffic girl, Jessica Boyington who has a birthday coming up as well, and she told me where I could find Bill Henley the weatherman.  After a brief discussion about my weather concerns, he asked me to wait ten minutes and meet him outside.

There I joined Bill and Jessica with some friendly banter about my upcoming retirement and went on to do an interview.  Here it is.

Click the above link and enjoy my moment of 36 seconds.