Since retiring as a teacher in 2017, I have become a fanatic about efficiency. The current state of education at all levels involves taking a group of students and teaching them what we want them to learn. They are far removed from the connection to the purpose or outcome.

A radical approach to education is to have the teacher viewed as a coach. The coach benefits from the success of the student by maintaining employment and having a greater compensation. That’s how it should be. Since I have retired that’s how it is.

When getting my teaching job, I have always been asked about my Philosophy of Education. Well, my new view on education is this. It must be relevant, have immediate measurable benefits, and enrich the instructor on an ongoing basis.

I used to work 7 hours a day delivering someone else’s content to people who had no incentive to learn. Now, I work in 15 minute intervals twice a day delivering content that is relevant and enriching.

If this sounds interesting, my schedule is posted here. Join me at one of my daily ZOOM meetings. Fifteen minutes is not a lot of time to spend to investigate my claims.