Teaching or Coaching

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Since leaving public school education, I’ve had time to ponder this statement. I also have had time to look at the framework for education and standardization and I am not the least surprised that so many people are stuck in this new normal that we are facing. I know stuck. I’ve been stuck. I’ve studied stuck. Now…it’s time to get unstuck.

As a music teacher, I have wondered what skills that I have that might translate into the next chapter of my life. I want it to be meaningful. I also want to teach. Right before I retired, I had the chance to meet another music teacher. His name was Jeff. Jeff and I both retired at the same time. Me with 26 years of experience…and him with five. He had found that he did have the skills. He showed me that I did too.

I began to see the possibilities of creating a business where I could be involved in a business where I could use my teaching skills and some of the coaching skills I acquired while working with kids. To my amazement, I found just that. I also realized that within the business the best producers were teachers and coaches.

Now I am the one building a team of coaches. People need coaches and teachers to get them through this new normal. Building a team is the key. You are welcome to explore the possibilities. Join me at one of my daily ZOOM meetings.

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