• How long does the project take?
    • You must allow for drying time for some of the steps.  That’s a definite. The rest depends on you.
  • Is it appropriate for a young child?
    • The younger the child, the more parental involvement.  I believe that this can be a great bonding time with your child.
  • Are the prices on the guide section realistic?
    • Yes.  I shopped at a specific time.  There were no special sales on at the time.  You should be able to get all of the same items even cheaper with a little patience.
  • What are the benefits of a “painted” ukulele?
    • Outside of the personal pride and accomplishment, the presence of its visual beauty gives it much more significance in your life and, therefore, it will hopefully get played more.
  • Are there ukulele classes in the schools?
    • That is a very good question.  Many schools do.  I met this guy in April and he’s awesome. Michael Christiansen and he’s awesome.

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